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4.11.2011 - Families

We love working with families because we truly get to experience and catch a glimpse of families and their love. This family was so wonderful and so sweet.

The shoot was a surprise for the grandmother and grandfather as their mothers and fathers day present. It originally was going to be a surprise to them without them attending the shoot and just receive a picture of the entire family. But, circumstances changed. The week before the shoot they found out that the grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. They all decided it would be best to include them in the family portrait and let that experience be the surprise.

The surprise was wonderful and so amazing for us to be apart of. I know they will cherish these pictures for the rest of their lives. They all have a wonderful bond and family connection. This shoot was truly a great honor to be apart of. We know God can do mighty things, so we pray for healing and strength for this family as they go through this trial. Thank you for letting us be apart of this wonderful surprise!