Oklahoma Family | Stewart Family

4.23.2011 - Families

I had the privilege to meet and take pictures of an amazing family. The Stewart family is from Oklahoma and asked me to come capture their sweet little girl Emma and the rest of their family. Emma’s mommy and daddy are currently living in Dallas due to Emma having been in the hospital since birth. Emma has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which effects approximately 4 in 10,000 babies.

This family was so amazing and so loving that the second I walked into the room, I felt the love and support this family had for each other and for sweet little Emma. Emma was full of joy and had a smile to just melt your heart. There are times when you feel the presence of the Lord and as a stepped back to capture this family, I felt His presence and comfort, which I know this family leans on everyday.

Emma had just gotten moved from the ICU to a regular room, which she had been in for 6 months prior to the last few days. The doctors also allowed Emma to go outside for 30 minutes to have her picture taken. Not only was this a huge milestone but she was also able to get off her oxygen. Emma was amazing during her photo shoot and defiantly was a little model. The rest of the family was such a joy to be around and it was a true honor to have met and be around this family for a few hours.

Please check out Emma’s blog. You can help out in any way you feel led. I know this family would love any love and support! emmajanae.blogspot.com