Nikon D300

7.31.2008 - Equipment

Well we finally bit the bullet and upgraded to the Nikon D300 from our D200. Though I initially wasn’t sure how much difference we’d be able to tell between the two cameras, I am quite impressed with the D300. The biggest thing that I’ve noticed is the D300’s high iso behavior. The noise difference between the D200 and the D300 is night and day. I would never push the our old D200 up over iso 400. If we had to go higher I would cringe because I knew how much we’d have issues with noise at these high iso’s (400+). The D300 on the other hand performs beautifully at 800 and even 1600. While it’s not the quality of it’s older brother the D3 it’s a huge step up from the D200. It also responds faster overall then the D200; just generally faster overall.

Another thing that we have noticed is the extended battery life we have with the D300 compared to the D200. Shooting a whole evening doesn’t even put a dent in the battery. One thing we did get for the D300 that we didn’t have with the D200 is the battery grip. This allows you to add another battery and have a much more comfortable grip with shooting vertically. It also has front and back dials to adjust settings and a knob to adjust the AF sensor that is selected. Overall we are very pleased with the purchase.