Wedding Last Saturday

9.23.2008 - Weddings

We just shot another wedding this last Saturday in Mesquite at Mimosa Lane Baptist Church. Overall the wedding went very well and the pictures turned out great. We got to go around taking details shots and our 50mm f/1.4 turned out very useful again. I really like the lens because you have so much control over depth of field. The ability to blow everything else but the subject is really neat. I tend to shoot the 50mm at about f/2 – f/2.8. If I get much bigger then that the depth of field gets so short the subject isn’t even in focus.

It was a nice day so we got to take some of the formal pictures outside, but we were mainly limited to inside with only stage lighting. I don’t understand why they build these churches without windows in the sanctuary. It’s so limiting as far as light goes and the look of artificial light is so much different. We definitely prefer natural light over artificial because it produces a much softer, and more pleasant light which we like.

They are off on their honeymoon this week and I’ve just finished the proofs and they are off to the lab to get printed. I’ll come back and add some pictures once they get a chance to see them.