Family Portraits

9.25.2008 - Families

We just took some family pictures of my wife and her mom at a park in North Dallas. It’s a really nice park for natural light and a green background.

Once again, I shot exclusively with our 50mm f/1.4. This time I generally had it stopped down to an f/2.8. On a few of the shots I had to stop down even further to keep both of them in focus. Overall, the pictures turned out nice.

I tried a new Picture Control setting that I had downloaded from the Nikon website. I used the Dx2 Profile I for those who know what I’m talking about. I wanted to see the difference between that profile and the D2X Profile III. In my initial looks I believe I prefer the Profile III. The profile I used for this shoot came out too flat. The colors were muted and there wasn’t much contrast to any of the pictures. While this is fixable, I’d like to get alot closer to my finished product straight from the camera instead of relying on alot of post processing. I won’t be using that profile for any of our portraits in the future.