Sunnyvale Family | Thacker Kids

4.21.2011 - Families

We love taking newborn pictures and sibling pictures, they capture so much love. This family was so sweet and wonderful to work with. They have 3 children and each of them are beautiful, well behaved and caring. The middle child is the best though, I am being biased here only because her name is Autumn. I am never around any other Autumn’s so it was challenging at first to figure out who the mom was talking to when she started the sentence off as Autumn. It was also different calling someone else your name, I don’t really ever run into this, so it was a new thing for me! Their oldest daughter was an angel! She helped out and played with the kids the entire time. When it was her turn in front of the camera she was just beautiful! Their little boy Levi, who was just a little over a month old was such a cutie! He did such a great job and I just loved the hat and diaper cover on this little guy!