Las Colinas Proposal | Janie and Miller

1.6.2012 - Engagements

Janie and Miller are great friends of ours and knew that one day he would ask Janie to be his wife. That time was coming and Miller asked Brandon and I to capture it for him. It was such an honor to be asked to take these pictures but more importantly an honor to be friends with them. These two are so much fun and their families are just as great. Brandon and I had fun hiding and trying not to be seen by Janie, yet capture this special moment. We both felt like paparazzi!

The evening Miller planned for Janie was beautiful. He took her on a romantic gondola dinner ride. After he proposed on the boat, both of their families were at the end of the ride to congratulate them. We are so happy for this wonderful couple and know that God has a wonderful plan for them!