Dallas Arboretum Engagements | Farrah and Felipe

10.1.2011 - Engagements

Just talking to Farrah on the phone I knew we were going to hit it off. Farrah is one of the friendliest and nicest people, so we were nothing but excited to meet her. We only expected great things from her fiance, Felipe, since she was so great, he had to be! We met up at the Dallas Arboretum and like I had guessed both of them were great and so much fun! Farrah and Felipe definitely made our job fun and easy. Both of them had great ideas for certain shots and simply had a great time with us taking their pictures. As we got to know them more throughout the shoot, their story and who they are just excited us. They met at Texas A&M, graduated from there, fell in love and now are getting married! We sure do love AGGIES! Farrah and Felipe, are nothing but wonderful and we are so thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to share this special time in their life!


Grapevine Engagements | Chad & Haley

7.1.2011 - Engagements

Haley and Chad are a couple that work with Brandon and ones we truly adore. When they asked us to be their photographers, we were so excited and completely honored! Haley and Chad are so fun to be around, we really enjoyed our time with them. Throughout the shoot we were laughing and just had a great time. Their love for one another is such a sweet thing and made for great pictures! They are so nice and we are happy for them. We look forward to their wedding in a few weeks. Congrats Haley and Chad, we love you guys!


Custom Photo Books

6.17.2011 - Bridals, Engagements, Weddings

We are excited to announce that we now offer custom photo books starting at $495. These albums are designed to showcase panoramic prints in a unique way for you and your family to enjoy.


Deep Ellum Engagements | Preston & Rachel

8.22.2010 - Engagements

Preston is Brandon’s brother so when he got engaged we were so thrilled to be able to take some engagement pictures of him and his beautiful fiance Rachel. Preston and Rachel met in college at the University of Iowa. It is crazy to believe he will be getting married in June of 2011. When Brandon and I started dating Preston was in the 6th grade. Although he has grown up and is now engaged, I could not ask for a better bride to be for him than Rachel. She is beautiful from the inside out, loves the Lord and loves Preston. Taking pictures of them was easy for us because they are great at showing their affection for each other and we were able to capture them being natural and in love. Since Brandon will be in the wedding and our daughter will be their flower girl we won’t be the photographers, but we are excited to be apart of this special day. We love you both so very much and are blessed to have Rachel join our family.


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